Sinopec Salt & Chemical Complex of Jianghan Oilfield Division

calcium hypochlorite,sodium sulphate,sodium chloride,caustic soda,chlorine,ADC Foaming Agent,Chlorinated Paraffin,Sodium Formate

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Sinopec Salt & Chemical Complex of Jianghan Oilfield Division
Country:China (Mainland) China (Mainland)
Established Time:2001
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Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company
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  • Contact Person:Mr.Yang
  • Tel:0086-728-6581180
  • Fax:0086-728-6581181
  • Province/state:Hubei
  • Street:Qianjiang Yicun

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Sinopec Jianghan Salt & Chemical Complex is an inorganic chemical united enterprise which belongs to Sino-Petrochemical Group Corporation. We are actually a Chloralkali Plant making use of the mineral resources such as underground rock salt which was discovered and proven by Jianghan Oilfield during the period of oil-prospecting. Now about 700 million RMB has been invested for the Complex and such following subsidiaries as Salt & Sulphate Plant, Chloralkali Plant, Calcium Hypochlorite (CAPO) Plant, Thermal Power Plant, Laboratory Center and Researching Institute have been set up. Our Complex covers a total area of 400km2 approximately and has more than 1400 employees, 30% of which were graduated from college at least; engineers and senior engineers account for 10% of them now.Our company has following products: 200000Mt/Y of refined sodium chloride (99%min.); 16000 Mt/Y of sodium sulphate (98%min.); 800000 Mt/Y of caustic soda (100% basis); 73000 Mt/Y of chlorine, 10000 Mt/Y of hydrochloric acid (31%min.); 45000 Mt/Y of calcium hypochlorite (65%-70%min.).ADC Foaming Agent 3000Mt/Y; Chlorinated Paraffin 2000Mt/Y; Partner's Sodium Formate 100000/mtAfter years of sales, our company has gained high reputation and stable customers by quality product and good service, especially the calcium hypochlorite, which has become the most competitive product around the same industry in the world. Our products have been widely exported to so many countries and regions as Australia, Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, the USA, Canada, South Africa and European Union.

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Company Name: Sinopec Salt & Chemical Complex of Jianghan Oilfield Division
Country/Territory: China (Mainland)
Registered Address: 8 Hongqi Rd., Qianjiang, Hubei, China (Mainland)
Year Established: 2001
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